About This Site

This site is designed to help you with your substance use by building on your ability to identify and manage your emotions, communicate effectively with others, and to get through tough times without making them worse. The skills presented here are modified from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, or DBT for short, and can also help you with other aspects of your life; not just substance use.

DBT combines practices from cognitive behaviour therapies and eastern philosophy, including the practice of mindfulness. DBT skills presented in this website also draw on the knowledge of alcohol and other drug treatments, and strategies that work for young people.

It is important to practice the skills often, so that you become familiar with them and can use them in times of need. It is also important to remember that all of these skills will not work for all people all of the time; but some of these skills should work for you some of the time.

Whilst these skills should help you make changes and build coping strategies, it may also be helpful for you to see an alcohol and drug counsellor, GP, mental health worker or DBT therapist.

To find out more about the individual skills used in our DBT program, visit Skills Coaching.