If we decide to use drugs and alcohol, it is important to know the facts. This can help us make informed decisions about what we are putting into our body.

The reality can be a little scary! Imagine if your drug came with a list of warnings and side-effects like other products; what would it say? Would you take the risk? You can check out this website to learn more.

Drug Info

If you need support with your substance use, there are lots of treatment options available.

Information about services in NSW Youth services

For more information about services in your area, referral, or to just talk about what’s been happening for you and get advice, you can also try these AOD information lines in your state, 24 hours a day.

NSW ph. 1300 368 186
QLD ph. 1800 177 833
VIC ph. 1800 888 236
WA ph. 1800 198 024
SA ph. 1300 131 340
TAS ph. 1800 811 994
NT ph. 1800 131 350
ACT ph. 02 6207 9977

If a loved one is struggling with substance use, you can also contact family services.
Family Drug Support Australia